I’m very new to this whole thing, so I thought I’d ease my way in with something simple, like a Top 5 list of my favourite video games of all time!

Top 5 games!

1 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Immersive, engaging, captivating, constantly surprising, and brilliant fun to play. 250+ hours well spent in an open-world like no other. I’ve not played a game before or since where every single second seemed to be so lovingly crafted and rewarding, and yes, that includes Red Dead Redemption II.

2 – Shenmue 1/2

Weird and wonderful fighting/adventure/life-sim series that’s rough around the edges but so charming and ahead of its time that I didn’t care. The first game felt like more of a prologue to the second, so I’ve mashed them together. Incredible.

3 – The Last of Us

Heart shattering narrative meets simple, but effective game-play to create an instant classic. Naughty Dog’s wonderful, memorable game touched me deeply and left me in tears; one of only two games to do so. The main reason I bought a PS3 and I couldn’t wait to replay it when I bought my PS4. Glorious.

4 – Mass Effect 2

One of the truly great sequels, Mass Effect 2 takes the first game and improves on it in every way. The combat is 100 times more fun and approachable, while the spirit of the series soars with gusto. Filled with so much to do, and an unbelievably likable and complex cast of characters allowing Bioware to produce arguably the most incredible ending sequence I’ve ever experienced in gaming.

5 – Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream’s masterpiece. The studio may divide opinion, but there’s no denying that they produce quality work and Heavy Rain is testament to that. More akin to interactive cinema than traditional gaming, Heavy Rain is a twisting, turning thriller full of tension and heartache. The sheer amount of potential outcomes in the story is mind-boggling and it’s a mesmerising ride all the way.

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